About Us

Adams Inc. is a family-owned company, founded by father and son in 1983. Now in its third generation, Adams Inc. continues to offer superior quality and service to each customer. The integrity to do every job right has allowed Adams Inc. to build a large customer base that provides lots of repeat business. Though Adams Inc. is based in a small town, it conducts business on a national scale. Adams Inc. is a very intrapreneurial (frequent internal development of new business segments) company, currently with three major business units: 1) polyurethane (spray foam) contracting (which has and continues to be the core of the business) 2)crane service and 3) grain bin erection.


Father and son Bob and Mike Adams began their endeavor in 1978 with a polyurethane insulation service incorporating in 1983. After a few years they added a custom fertilizer application business with the purchase of a fertilizer truck in 1986. They operated this business, in addition to insulation, for about 12 years, building it up to three full-time spreaders. In 1998 the fertilizer business was divested to an employee, though they continued to operate a spreader in Blythe, California, for several years.

In 2003 at the request of several customers, Adams Inc. became a Sukup grain bin dealer. These customers knew the quality and service that Adams Inc. provides with insulation and wanted that same level of service when purchasing grain bins. The decision to go with Sukup Manufacturing Co. was made by Adams Inc.’s customer/farmers after visiting several manufacturers. Sukup is the industry leader in grain storage and handling technology for both on-farm and commercial operations.

In 2004 Adams Inc. bought its first crane truck and now boast the highest reaching boom truck in the valley. The crane boasts a signature red that is hard to miss.

Now in it’s third generation of successful operation, Adams Inc. continues its commitment to bring the most value to each customer.