Insulation & Coatings

spray-insulation-idahoAdams Inc. is one of the nation’s premier ag and commercial polyurethane insulation and coatings contractors. Located in eastern Idaho, we are equipped to travel anywhere in the country. With 35 years in business, our experienced applicators know what it takes to do your project right. Whether for your house, warehouse, shop, factory or potato storage, choose Adams Inc.

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Why should you choose polyurethane insulation?

  • Highest R-value per inch of any commercially available insulation
  • Self-supporting (won’t sag or compress over time like other insulations)
  • Creates a Vapor barrier
  • Water and mold-resistant (unlike fiberglass or cellulose insulation)
  • Makes buildings stronger
  • Provides the same fire rating as steel
  • The most cost-effective and environmentally friendly insulation product available.

Where can you use polyurethane insulation?

  • Homes
  • Shops
  • Potato cellars
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Refrigeration
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial office space
  • Warehouses
  • Hot tubs
  • And many more places

Non-insulating uses:

Polyurethane has been used for years as insulation, but due to its unique properties, it has a multitude of other uses as well. A few of these non-insulating uses include:

  • Theatrical set design
  • Furniture making
  • Sound dampening
  • Fireproofing
  • Landscaping

Adams Inc. can also take care of your coatings needs

We do spray-on coatings for:

  • Truck-bed liners
  • Snowmobile trailers
  • Utility vehicles
  • Rock haulers
  • Pond/pool liners
  • Waste treatment facilities
  • Storage tanks
  • And more…

Insulation Science

With increasing energy costs the need for good “building science” is being more fully recognized. Unfortunately, many sources about home energy efficiency are convoluted or full of unintelligible technical data. Below is a concise summary of the important factors to consider when purchasing insulation.

The most effective way to save on heating and cooling costs is by controlling air flow through a structure. Convection or air movement is the source of over 90percent of heat loss or gain in a home or building.

Spray foam insulation stops both air and vapor without the need for a special wrap or additional vapor barrier that other insulations require. Complete sealing of the building envelope gives you more complete control of the temperature in your structures compared to fiberglass and other insulation types. Note that fiberglass is a common material for air filters. Do you want ‘real’ insulation or an air filter for your building?

The second biggest source of heat loss or gain in a building is conduction, or the movement of energy through a solid material. You may hear the term ‘thermal bridging’ when professionals discuss this aspect of building energy efficiency.

With R-values exceeding 7 per inch polyurethane is more than twice as effective at stopping conduction compared to other insulations. Note that “R-value” is a measure of an insulation’s resistance to conductive heat transfer, while U-factor is the inverse. It is important to note that the R-value of polyurethane insulation stays constant with temperature and airflow changes while fiberglass and some other common types of insulation lose their R-value with even a 5-mph wind.

With these facts in mind is it any wonder that many of the leading green buildings certifications give the highest marks to buildings with polyurethane insulation? Save money and take control of the air that moves through your building by choosing spray foam insulation.